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“Palestine & Palestinians” provides an in-depth, updated journey through the entire range of Palestinian culture: ancient and modern history, archaeology, religion, architecture and politics, including the daily realities of Israeli Occupation. It describes places rooted in Palestinian memory: sites which bear witness to a history and identity created from contact with civilisations of the Middle East, Mediterranean, Europe and Arab Peninsula. It also presents the contemporary tragedy and struggle of a people seeking recognition of their rights and details of their ongoing search for an end to injustice through a viable peace and statehood.

The book sets out to facilitate visits to Palestine for tourists who wish to increase their understanding and even work with Palestinians and Israelis towards a just, viable peace. At the same time, it provides enough material for those readers who prefer to travel far and wide in the comfort of their own armchairs. Or it can simply be used as a reliable guidebook for regular visitors.

ATG invites you to discover Palestine and having once discovered it, to return again and again with ever-increasing commitment, dedication and love for our people. Ahlan waSahlan! Welcome!”

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Courageous Ali and the Heartless King http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/courageous-ali-and-the-heartless-king/ http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/courageous-ali-and-the-heartless-king/#comments Sat, 07 Nov 2009 16:05:35 +0000 shopkeepers http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/?p=283 Children’s anti-war novel by Tariq Mehmood Ali

The tyrannical King Khauf sits on half the world’s milk.  When Aisha falls ill, her father hides a jug of milk for her.  The all-seeing soldiers of King Khauf arrest the father and take him to the dungeons, from where no one has ever returned. Thirteen-year-old Ali sets off to find his father.  What follows is a timeless tale of adventure, magic and courage.

In 1981 Tariq Mehmood and 11 others were arrested on charges of terrorism in a case that became known as the Bradford 12.  All the defendants were acquitted.

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Counter-Rhetoric http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/counter-rhetoric/ http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/counter-rhetoric/#comments Wed, 07 Oct 2009 16:04:12 +0000 shopkeepers http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/?p=281 Counter-Rhetoric: Challenging “conventional wisdom” & reframing the conflict
by Emily Schaeffer, Jeff Halper & Jimmy Johnson

Published by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICHAD) in 2006.

This booklet challenges the rhetoric, the perceptions and assumptions regarding the conflict in Israel/Palestine, and it exposes the underlying imbalance of power around which this rhetoric swirls.  It is both useful as a historical guide and as a tool for countering the prevailing divisive rhetoric.

ICAHD is a non-violent, direct-action organization established in 1997 to resist Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories.  As we gained knowledge of the brutalities of the Occupation, we expanded our resistance activities to other areas – land expropriation, settlement expansion, by-pass road construction, policies of “closure” and “separation,” the wholesale uprooting of fruit and olive trees, the Separation Barrier/Wall, the siege of Gaza and more.”

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Ahlan wa-Sahlan: a phrase book http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/ahlan-wa-sahlan-a-phrase-book/ http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/ahlan-wa-sahlan-a-phrase-book/#comments Thu, 17 Sep 2009 23:29:26 +0000 shopkeepers http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/?p=1027 Omar Othman, 2008

Ahlan wa-Sahlan – Welcome

This is a book for the spoken Arabic of Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.  It enables the visitor to these countries to communicate in Arabic with the local people.


  • Pronunciation guide
  • Useful keywords and phrases
  • Various topics for daily life
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Our Eyes http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/our-eyes/ http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/our-eyes/#comments Fri, 07 Aug 2009 16:02:50 +0000 shopkeepers http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/?p=277 Black and white photography by the children and the new generation of Lajee centre, Aida refugee camp, with Rich Wiles

Three of Rich Wiles 4 photography projects are included in this book (the fourth “Dreams of Home” is a separate book, also available from us).

A glimpse into the lives of the children, and a journey through their minds, this book offers a vehicle for expressing their thoughts and their situation to the outside world, without the necessity of the artists themselves needing to travel, so it combats the restrictiveness of the Occupation on this level. Their voice was already articulate and very powerful but maybe photography could become it’s loudspeaker so that these young voices and ideas could resonate far and wide.

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Dreams Of Home http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/dreams-of-home/ http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/dreams-of-home/#comments Tue, 07 Jul 2009 15:55:26 +0000 shopkeepers http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/?p=273 Created by the Children of Lajee Center with photographic artist and human rights activist Rich Wiles

A beautiful book showcasing the photography of the children of the Lajee Centre, Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem.  This book contains the testimonies of people in their community that lived through the Nakba, the “day of catastrophe” in 1947, which resulted in the explusion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in what is now known as Israel, and the creation of refugee communitees in which many Palestinian children still live.  The Lajee children visited depopulated villages, or what remains of them, and documented their findings and feelings.  Heartbreaking and heartwarming, this book reveals the depth of feeling amongst Palestinian children for places they had never previously been able to visit.

Mohammad describing his visit to Ras Abu Ammar: “I felt that my village should have been beautiful like other villages we saw, but when I saw it I didn’t feel like it was my village.  I could see only an Israeli settlement instead of Ras Abu Ammar.  There was a checkpoint that stopped us from entering the village.  My aunt asked me to bring her thyme and sage, but I took her stones and soil instead.  I could not enter to get her what she asked for but I felt that the soil and stones were still ours, and they were better than nothing.  Those stones I took will make me always rembemer that my homeland will return to me and my people one day.”

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Palestine – Black & White http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/palestine-black-white/ http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/palestine-black-white/#comments Sun, 07 Jun 2009 15:56:08 +0000 shopkeepers http://www.olivecoop.com/stage/?p=275 These photographs present a face of Palestinian people that is all too rarely offered by Western media. Taken during February 2005, the month during which a new cease-fire between Israel and Palestine was declared, and at the time of the election of Abu Mazu as President, they trace a journey made from Nablus to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Dead Sea. These images record the daily lives of both young and old, in towns, villages and refugee camps throughout the Occupied Territories, and invite the viewer to search beyond media stereotypes and share the love for the Palestinian people which inspired the photographer.

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