£4 “no-frills” olive tree sponsorship (each)

Price: £4.00

The Palestine Fair Trade Association is a fantastic and comprehensive project. We are currently not deducting any money for our own time spent processing tree sponsorship for PFTA. As a rough guide, each £4 will pay for one more organic olive sapling to be planted, including the farmer selection and support processes aimed at maximising success and sustainability.

We wanted to create a “no-frills” option that maximises the amount of money actually transferred to PFTA for tree planting, by reducing the other costs, such as the Trees for Life cards. With this option, an acknowledgement will be sent to you by email, which is still suitable for either printing or forwarding as a gift. To further reduce costs, please either email us about doing a bank transfer, or choose the “pay by cheque” option at the checkout, so that a percentage doesn’t go to PayPal.

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Olive trees and their harvest provide the livelihood for entire communities.

The new trees go some way towards counteracting the destruction wrought in Palestinian olive groves by the Israeli army and settlers. Settlement and settlement road building and the construction of the Separation Wall have seen hundreds of thousands of trees bulldozed and cut down. According to Applied research Institute Jerusalem, over 500,000 olive trees have been destroyed since 2000. Each new tree sponsored represents a long-term source of income for Palestinian families, who have been harvesting olive oil, fruit and wood for generations.

The trees are distributed in Palestine by the Palestinian Fair Trade Association (PFTA) to farmers who follow fair trade guidelines and who will benefit from future purchases of Palestinian olive oil.