Olive Oil 500ml

Price: £8.45

Our non-certified oil is sourced by Zaytoun from a number of different farming cooperatives in Palestine. Although not yet certified, it is fairly traded, free of pesticides and harvested by hand.

It is first cold-press, raw, extra virgin olive oil, with a green colour and slightly peppery taste. Cold conditions will cause the oil to temporarily solidify, but this does not affect the taste, and is a sign of the quality and minimal processing.

The olive groves of the West Bank are cultivated by traditional methods which help to promote biodiversity, and have a particular air flow and sunlight, which improves the taste, according to Nasser Abu Farha, founder of the Palestinian Fair Trade Association. Buying Palestinian olive oil is not only shopping with solidarity for the Palestinian people, but opting for a delicious, high quality product.

Export markets provide a vital source of income for Palestinian communities, many of which are denied access to other ways of making a living as a result of the occupation. Our olive oil is sourced from Palestinian co-operatives and imported into the UK by Zaytoun Community Interest Company.

It is not possible for Palestinian olive oil to be certified as organic and Fairtrade if it originates from Palestinian land which falls on the far side of the walls and fences which Israel began constructing in 2002. This is a result of the nature of restrictions Palestinians and certifiers face when reaching the land. We sell both certified and uncertified olive oil, however, all of it is organically produced and exported by the same Fair Trade registered co-operatives, thereby protecting the environment and benefiting whole communities.