About Olive Co-op

Children in Jordan Valley

Children in the Jordan Valley

Apologies for disruption!

We have recently moved premises, and unfortunately this is still causing considerable disruption, both with orders and emails. We are working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible, and are trying to still get most orders out within a couple of days, but please bear with us while things settle down! Thanks for your support and understanding.

Olive tree sponsorships

Simply click on “Trees for Life” on the left, and choose the “no frills” option to receive an email acknowledgement that can be personalised and either printed or forwarded. These orders will continue to be processed at least once a day throughout the holiday period.

Olive Co-op exists because of the many fantastic, grassroots Palestinian and Israeli organisations working to achieve a just peace and sustainable development in the region – see our links page. We support their work by selling fairly traded Palestinian produce, enabling people to travel to Palestine and Israel, and facilitating the sponsorship of new olive trees to be planted in the West Bank.

Through Olive Co-operative, you can learn about Palestine, and Palestinians, in a way that is vastly different to anything you will see on the six o’clock news.

Since we set up in December 2003, we have focussed on the ethics of what we are doing, and are certainly far more than just a retail outlet. We feel very strongly that we all have a role to play in raising awareness about the occupation, the resistance, and the many ways that we can express solidarity with Palestinian people. Much of the behind the scenes work is done on a voluntary basis in order to maximise the amount of money that is paid to our Palestinian suppliers, and thereby support Palestinian economic sustainability. We are also currently donating our time for administration of the “Trees for Life” project so that deductions for admin costs are kept to a minimum.

Our new website

We launched our new website about a year ago, and would welcome any feedback about any teething problems, or suggestions for improvements. Some of the functionality is not what we need, so we will be making further changes in early 2012. Please email us at shop[at]olivecoop[dot]com

We aim to send out orders within 24-48 hrs, although on a few rare occasions there might be a slight delay due to teething problems regarding stock control on the website. If this happens you will be contacted promptly with options for replacements or a refund.

We have chosen PayPal as our main on-line payment facility since it is very secure, and one of the most well known options available, and is therefore well trusted. If however you would prefer not to use PayPal, you can choose the “pay by cheque” option at the checkout, and either send us a cheque or email us about doing a bank transfer.

Sometimes there are reasons why the standard checkout facility isn’t suitable – for example if you are collecting the goods, and therefore don’t need to pay postage. If that is the case, then again, you can choose the “pay by cheque” option as above, and let us know the reason for the amount being different to what was automatically calculated. Similarly, the amount for postage is based on rates within the UK, so if you are wanting an order to be posted outside the UK, then you will need to confirm the postage amount with us first. Again, we will deal with this promptly.

If you would like to send us a donation, or have some other reason to send a payment without going through the ordinary checkout procedure, then you can either email us about it, just send a PayPal payment to our shop[at]olivecoop[dot]com email address, or choose multiples of our £1/£10/£100 donation “products”.

Thank you for your support in the past and the future, and please help promote us by telling others about us. We also just set up a facebook page, so feel free to promote that too :)

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